Big Brand Marketing – SUPERBOWL XLVII

Big Brand Marketing: From Superbowl XLVII to Bravo’s  Top Chef to the White House, the Louisiana Seafood brand was promoted to consumers nationally and internationally. (video recap of Superbowl XLVII above)

louisiana seafood wrapped 18 wheeler truck

Ten Louisiana Seafood wrapped 18 wheelers canvas the nation



Marketed $25 billion dollars of retail seafood sales.

To that end, I had the honor leading a 12,000+ member organization marketing more than $2 billion in retail sales a year of a recognized – and recently state-certified – wild and authentic seafood brand.

The Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board showcases crabs, shrimp, oysters, finfish, crawfish and alligators. And that’s a mouthful, by any standards.

Responsible for a $30 million marketing budget following Deepwater Horizon, we managed a 14-member industry board, four task force boards’ marketing programs and a core of volunteers.

Jose Andres Louisiana seafood

Louisiana Seafood featured in Food & Wine and Bon Appetit magazines with Jose Andres

We creatively leveraged trade and consumer advertising and PR – as well as launched one of the first commodity  industry newsrooms in the U.S., Louisiana Seafood News driving over 3,000 media interviews.

The news site complemented a strong social media presence – along with tried-and-true, traditional media of billboards, print advertising and TV commercials.


Louisiana seafood billboards

Billboards along I-10

Year in and year out, our vision was clear…to use strategic planning tapping into extensive market research and in-the-field consumer responses to make Louisiana seafood the brand of choice in our home state, nationwide and around the world.

During my tenure, we grew from a small grassroots organization with a tiny budget to events at the White House and the Superbowl in New Orleans which marked the official comeback of Louisiana Seafood three years following Deepwater Horizon.  See the video recap above.

(How did the the Seafood Board coordinate over 3,000 media interviews immediately following the BP Oil Spill?)
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