#helpinghands – Gulf Seafood Foundation Prepares Fishermen Glove Distribution

Helping Hands
Oyster fishermen in Galveston Bay were some of the first to receive work gloves through the Gulf Seafood Foundations “Helping Hands” program. Photo: Prestige Oyster’s

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By Ed Lallo/Newsrooom Inc.

What’s bright orange and has eight fingers and two thumbs? Fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to donations from people and organizations to the Gulf Seafood Foundation’s (GSF) “Helping Hands” effort providing work gloves to Gulf fishermen affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

More than 1000 pair of foam insulated and fleece-lined work gloves have been delivered to Houston (GSF) Board member Raz Halili of Prestige Oyster’s. The fluorescent orange PVC coated gloves with dark brown wristbands are imprinted the Gulf Seafood Foundation logo and the hashtag “#helpinghands.

“These gloves are perfect for our Gulf fishermen,” said Halili after receiving the shipment. “Work gloves are an important part of everyday life on a fishing vessel. We hope they will remind those working hard to provide the best seafood in the U.S. to customers around the world that they are not forgotten.”

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