Louisiana Seafood Cook Off

Keith and Nealy Frentz Billboard
The winners of the Louisiana Seafood Cook Off are heavily promoted by the Seafood Board...which also qualifies them to go on to the Great American Seafood Cook Off to represent the Governor and people of Louisiana. We put Chefs Keith and Nealy on their first billboard.
Chef Cody Carol crowned King of Louisiana Seafood by Keith and Nealy Frentz

Ewell Smith announces the first ever husband and wife team Chefs Keith and Nealy Frentz crowning the second in a row husband and wife team Chefs Cody and Samantha Carol – Louisiana Seafood Cook Off

Louisiana Seafood Cook Off Turns Up the Heat

Who will be the next King or Queen of Louisiana Seafood?

Like other states across the United States, the Louisiana Seafood Cook Off was created as a way to qualify a Louisiana chef for the Great American Seafood Cook Off.   Each year, the Seafood Board issues the challenge through the Louisiana Restaurant Association.


Louisiana Seafood Cook Off Crowd at NOWFE

Crowd looks on. Louisiana Seafood Cook Off @ NOWFE -Chef Cory Bahr taste tests his dish

The Louisiana Seafood Cook Off  has become a staple event at the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience  (NOWFE) as a way to showcase Louisiana’s best chefs and our seafood.

King or Queen?

The winner is crowned King or Queen of Louisiana Seafood (sometimes both – see photo above) and becomes the spokesperson for the Governor and the state championing Louisiana Seafood traveling across the United States to marque events like the Aspen Food and Wine Festival,  the National Restaurant Show in Chicago to DC Mardi Gras.




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