American, Gulf and Louisiana Seafood Ambassador

For nearly 14 years, I had the honor of serving the Gulf and Louisiana Seafood Fishing communities as the Executive Director for both the Gulf Seafood Institute and the Louisiana Seafood Board. Served as the Executive Producer of the Great American Seafood Cook Off seen of Food Network and PBS (Commissioned by NOAA.)  Below is a snapshot of some of the work our incredible team did.  Not to mention, we led the way making it though a few challenges, namely Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill.    Crisis Work     Testimonials.


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BP Oil SPill - Crisis Media Interviews

BP Crisis Media Case Study

(Case Study) How Did We Coordinate Over 3,000 Crisis Media Interviews Immediately Following the BP Oil Spill? We built a real newsroom online within weeks…

25 Billion Dollars in Retail Louisiana Seafood Sales Marketed

Great American Seafood Cook Off , Louisiana Seafood Cook Off, US NAVY Seafood Cook Off

Executive Producer - events broadcasted on Food Network and PBS