Soldiers Freedom Outdoors Helps Veterans Coming Home

They Fought for Our Freedom. Now, Soldiers Freedom Outdoors Serves Them

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Soldiers Freedom Outdoors provides free fishing trips to help Veterans suffering from PTSD

5 US Marine Combat Tours – In Afganistan and Iraq – 2 Relief Missions – Retired @ 39 – Still Serving, Still Leading

I’ve made a new friend who served our Nation proudly as a United States Marine for 21 years.   He is a very private individual so I will call him Sergeant “Dave” for the purpose of this blog post.  We met in September on a visit to my wife’s home state to see her family; right away I knew there was something special before Sergeant “Dave” shared just a glimpse of his life’s unreal experiences.  I met him after he retired from the Marines; to say the least his new life as a civilian without the massive responsibilities leading his combat unit for over 20 years has been a big adjustment for him.

Soldiers Freedom Outdoors Camp FreedomWe reconnected again over the Holidays for breakfast and coffee to talk about his newest mission.  When we sat down to eat, I noticed a bracelet engraved with a name on his wrist.   He held on close to the men that had fallen during his time. On that bracelet was the name of one of those men who gave his life for our country.  While we were talking, he received a call letting him know the tank unit he once led had just been attacked in Afghanistan.  The mood shifted.  After a few moments to digest the impact of the call, we continued our conversation; with a tremendous conviction he started to share with me the importance of an organization that helped him in time of great need.  He had my undivided attention.

Saved His Life

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Soldiers Freedom Outdoors helps Veterans reconnect with their families

Sergeant “Dave” took me back a few years in time to one of his trips back home after serving 9 months oversees.  He was in between combat tours struggling to re-acclimate with horrific dreams and PTSD started taking its toll.  Fortunately a friend of his shared his name with the The Freedom Outdoors, an organization that sends returning soldiers from all branches of the military on hunting and fishing trips helping them to return to a healthy  life back in the states.  Sergeant “Dave” credits  Soldiers Freedom Outdoors for saving his life; he made a point to let me know he could never ever be thankful enough for what they did for him. He was able to return to his wife and children as the man they knew.  That experience provided life-altering help and care at the precise, right moment in time; now retired from the Marines after 5 combat tours and two relief missions, he is leading another important mission to help other returning Veterans who have served our nation.

Help Sergeant “Dave” Help Others

Soldiers Freedom Outdoors logoAfter hearing about the amazing work of The Freedom Outdoors, I am looking for your help, to help Marine Sergeant “Dave.”  He is driven with a sense of purpose to raise funds and resources to further their outreach.  Learn more about their mission here:


There are three ways you can help:

1.     Please spread this story to your network (see share buttons below)– you just never know with whom it will connect with and the reach and impact it might have.

2.     If you are a landowner or charter boat fisherman who would like to donate use of land or services, please email me, and I will put you in touch with my friend.  Click here to contact me.

3.     If you would like to make a donation, visit

I am so grateful for the men and women in our armed services.  Our freedoms are to never, ever be taken for granted. Meeting Sergeant “Dave” made me proud of our country, and I am honored to call him my friend. He is a hero.  Any support you can provide will make a significant impact.

Thank you,


Ewell Smith

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