“Terrified” – An Investment Banker’s Perspective – Part 2

Diane Amos preps the volunteers including the investment banker

Diane Amos, Executive Director of the New Orleans Dream Center preps volunteers for outreach under the bridge

I Asked the Investment Banker, “Why Are you Here?”

As the homeless man walked away letting us know he was “terrified” but trusts in God to get him through each day, John (alias name to provide anonymity) looked at me and said, “That could have been me.” So I asked the obvious question, “Why are you here? What brought you out this morning?” To say the least I was curious given the conversation we had earlier that morning while we were under the medical tents. I had learned that the gentleman I was volunteering with was an investment banker who built a 25 billion dollar fund. So to answer my question he let me know, “We all are just one paper thin step away from being homeless.” With that he described his childhood in Texas where he grew up so poor the family literally used the woods behind their home for the bathroom. His family was on the edge for over a decade and he never forgot that. He was there that day to learn more about the Dream Center and the vision that Church of the King has going forward helping those in need. He was also interested in learning more about the old Shriners’ Jerusalem Temple on the historic St. Charles Avenue, a building the church purchased following Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina Flooding

The flooding following Hurricane Katrina created many homeless situations…even today a decade later…


Then the investment banker said it again.

We are all just one paper thin step away from being homeless.

That thought coming from an investment banker who built a 25 billion dollar fund is a very sobering thought.   In New Orleans, we understand all too well how our world can be flipped upside down in a moment.   Would you have ever thought that a flood could displace an entire city’s population for months and months in the United States?   There are many instances where people are still coming home 9 years later. The influx of church groups and volunteers and support from people around the country were the safety net to our survival.  Church of the King’s Dream Center will be an ongoing local safety net to those folks who are in need for whatever the reason.   “Terrified”…that is a wake up call.

This weekend, February 8 at 9am, the Dream Center will be open serving the community at the medical tents behind the old Shriners’ Jerusalem Temple at 1137 St. Charles Ave. If you are interested in serving or would like to learn more, please visit:  www.neworleansdreamcenter.org

Thank You,

Ewell Smith

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Photos from last outreach in January, 2014.

outreach-Carol-homeless outreacy-pastor-fred










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