Will GOP Candidates Crawfish on H2B Visas for Legal Mexican Workers?

Frank randol crawfish h2b visa

Politicians historically crawfish on H2B Visas. Frank Randol with a Louisiana crawfish. Who will capitalize on this opportunity? The GOP, the Dems, or Trump? Photo: Ed Lallo of Gulf Seafood News

H2B VISAS – a Political Opportunity or HOT Potato?

Editorial Update: Newsmax does story on H2b following this post: “Ray Negron: Trump can get Hispanic Support”

For years, the Department of Labor (DOL) has been tinkering with the H2B Visa Guest Worker Program to the demise of businesses across the United States that depend heavily on legal foreign labor.

The H2B program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come temporarily to the United States and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis. The H-2B visa classification requires the United States Secretary of Homeland Security to consult with appropriate agencies before admitting H-2B non-immigrants.

Do H2B Visas Work?

Here’s a little known foreign guest worker program that actually works to help US businesses by providing much needed seasonal labor. From the seafood and hospitality industries to the need for construction workers, the demand for foreign labor is there – big time; however, the DOL has made serious missteps along the way, so explains seafood processor and restauranteur Frank Randol:

“This is a government-made disaster on two fronts,” said the Lafayette seafood processor and owner of Randol’s Restaurant about an industry that has faced hurricanes, floods and manmade disasters.

Problems rest in the federal government’s handling of how H2B guest workers enter the U.S. and are paid for seasonal work. Louisiana’s seafood processing plants depend upon these workers who come mostly fromMexico and Central America.

“These workers provide the labor at seafood processing plants,” he explained about the program. “Such guest workers are necessary because local workers won’t take the jobs.” (See full article on H2B Visa legal guest worker labor for seafood communities)

No More Politics. More COMMON SENSE to Help American Businesses.

Oftentimes, these H2B Visa guest worker positions provide a multiplier effect where one foreign H2B Visa worker supports the employment of 1 or 2 more jobs filled by Americans, together driving an economic engine. The bureaucrats in DC lose sight of that.

Few politicians have taken a stand for the H2B Visa program for fear of being pulled into the larger polarizing immigration issue we now hear about on an hourly and daily basis thanks to Mr. Trump. Trump’s first border visit in Texas only added more fuel to the media storm.


Trump h2b visa sandersSo here’s the opportunity for the GOP, Trump or the Democrats.  Which candidate will finally address and support the H2B Visa guest worker program that actually works and supports the American economy and the American dream?


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